3 Tips on How to Make Money with Google Ads

In digital marketing, an unspoken truth that continues to remain relevant to this day is that wasting money is a mistake that any marketer should avoid.

No matter how big or small your operations are, wasting the money that you’ve set aside to take your strategy’s results to the next level only to get subpar results is disheartening for any business. As more operations continue to go online and conditions are forcing consumers to spend time on the web, it’s clear that the higher level of competition makes wasted expenditures a must-avoid.

However, when it comes to dealing with Google Ads, many business owners and budding marketers find it quite challenging to use the system without running into various issues. As people continue to wrap their heads around how to run campaigns in the most favorable manner, they also end up cutting their results short and wasting their budget.

Fortunately, maximizing the money you set aside for your marketing by driving your Google Ads performance up isn’t a futile effort. All you need to put your best foot forward is to have the right tips in mind!

Making the most out of your Google Ads performance made easy

While we all dream of getting maximal results on minimal ad spend with our strategies, the truth about achieving this task is that the right practices need to be enforced. To ensure that your money is put to good use and produce top-quality results, here are three tips you can use to optimize the performance on your AdWords campaigns:

Tip #1: Keep an eye out for growth opportunities

With Alphabet constantly changing the AdWords algorithm to give newcomers and veterans equal opportunities, it’s clear that those who are attentive will grow faster. Considering this, a crucial practice that any marketers need to keep in mind if they want to fine-tune their Google Ads performance is to keep an eye for new growth opportunities.

These growth moments always yield significant opportunities for budget and performance optimization because they point out better ways to use the platform. By checking out the latest updates, trending developments, and new topics of conversation on how campaigns can be improved according to the latest updates, you can ensure that your efforts are updated well enough for top-notch results!

Tip #2: Pay attention to your market shares, and how you rate and use them

Among all the keys to top performance that many digital marketers end up overlooking, none play a more significant role in the performance of an AdWords campaign than market shares.

When talking about market shares in the context of Google Ads, it mainly refers to the impression share KPI – the number of impressions recorded for your ads put against the number of eligible impressions. By keeping an eye on this crucial detail, you can determine whether you’re targeting enough impression shares, putting in an insufficient amount on your budget, or merely suffering from poor ranking. Once you spot all these problem points, you can make the right adjustments based on your findings and reverse the momentum in your favor!

Tip #3: Work on your weighted quality score

On average, the baseline acceptable quality score for your ad on any keyword used will always be a seven out of ten, meaning that any lower number is a problem. If you’re suffering from a lower quality score or want to reach a ten on your next campaign, you’ll need to tinker with these factors:

  • The consistency of the landing page that keywords are placed on
  • The consistency of the ad concerning the targeted keywords
  • The expected click-through rate (CTR) of your AdWords campaigns


Dealing with wasted ad spend while trying to handle your AdWords campaigns is never a pleasurable experience because of how many opportunities are lost. Yet, it isn’t impossible to solve if you have the right tips. By following this simple yet practical guide, you’ll be able to start maximizing your returns in no time and make sure that your campaigns stay robust and lucrative all-year-round!

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