3 Tips to Use Facebook’s A/B Testing Feature for Marketing

It goes without saying that Facebook has a massive user base. In fact, there are over two billion active users on this social media networking site. Almost every person, no matter what age or social class, has most likely heard of Facebook or used it at least once. This is what makes it a great marketing platform for businesses, big and small.

Facebook has a wide range of offerings when it comes to marketing options. However, choosing the right one for your business is vital. Studies have shown that more than half of businesses that try to market on Facebook fail to see their marketing messages reach their target audiences. This does not necessarily mean that Facebook is not the right place for advertising; it could simply mean that some aspects of their marketing plans could have been more effective.

What Is A/B Testing?

There are many tools that Facebook provides for marketers to test their ads before they go live. Split testing is one of these testing features. This allows marketers to compare multiple elements of an advertising campaign to see which works best. A/B testing lets a company make the most of their ads to ensure that they make the maximum impact on their target audiences.

Tips to Use Facebook’s A/B Testing Feature for Marketing

1 – Do Not Test Multiple Elements at One Time

Testing more than one element at a time will not give you an idea of how effective this marketing element is. It is crucial to test only one element at any given time to ensure that accurate testing results are collected.

2 – Prioritize Ad Targeting

Ad targeting is an aspect that should not be overlooked. It enables you to create content that will be relevant to multiple audiences. Depending on the demographics of your target audience, you can tweak and customize how your ads will look like.

3 – Stick to Your Budget for Facebook Advertising

Just like in any part of a marketing campaign, setting a budget for your Facebook marketing initiatives is crucial. It is important to stick to your budget in order to succeed. Facebook offers reasonable prices for Facebook ads that are fully customizable by the marketer.


Using the A/B testing feature on Facebook will allow you to have a more detailed understanding of your target audience’s buying behaviors. Keep in mind that no matter how many advertisements you create and share, if you do so without understanding your consumers’ behavior, you will not be able to make the most out of your ads. No matter how large the audience is for Facebook, your digital marketing initiatives will be useless if your company’s advertisements are not tested.

Knowing how to properly test ads will enable you to weigh all the possibilities and choose the ones that work most effectively and yield the most desirable results. A/B testing will allow you precision and accuracy in targeting your audience and ensure that you reach them.

It pays to know how to properly use Facebook to make the most of your marketing efforts. If you are looking for more tips for digital advertising, refer to The Advertisers Guide. We compile useful resources, guides, tips, tricks, and a lot more to help the everyday advertiser, as well as the small business owner, succeed in their advertising efforts. Subscribe for weekly articles today!

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