4 Facebook Marketing Tips for the Holidays – Our Guide

Being a business owner can be very difficult. However, social media and modern technology have made it possible to market to a wide audience at your convenience. Once you understand the basics of how your chosen platform works, it will become easy to proceed from there.

To help you get started, here are four of our top digital advertising tips for Facebook to help you with marketing your business during the holidays:

Learn about Facebook’s holiday marketing guide

One advantage of using Facebook is that the platform is also trying to help you market your business effectively. It has an annual holiday planning guide that is geared towards helping new and upcoming sellers establish themselves in the digital space. Take some time to read this guide to not only ensure better advertisements but also to maintain compliance with Facebook’s internal guidelines for advertising.

Make your own personalized holiday selling experience

Want to come up with a winning marketing campaign while brainstorming ideas for business advertising? Make sure that every ad and campaign you plan on running has your personal touch and strongly echoes your brand’s identity.

Users on the internet come across so many advertisements across tons of channels on a daily basis, and it is easy for generic information to just get drowned out. Personalized information is what sticks—so ensure to package your message properly for your consumers to remember you!

Schedule your posting calendar promptly

We all go through our daily habits in a set routine. If you’ve noticed, you may be more likely to hop on Facebook before bed or on your commute to work. Your target audience is likely to have a similar routine—and it’s up to you to find it!

While there is no single way to tell precisely when your customers will be most active, the Facebook Insights tool helps tremendously in at least giving you an idea of what their most active times are. You can then use this information to schedule the right date and time for your posts and start working ahead for days or even weeks at a time.

Spice it up with some competition

Engagement is key, and what better way to keep your target audience on their toes than with a little contest? During the holiday season, everyone has a little more time for leisure and browsing the internet, so grab this opportunity to craft an online contest and grab attention.

Make sure to determine what you want out of the contest, think of a good prize that can catch the attention of your target audience, plan it thoroughly, and take some time after it is finished to evaluate how well it performed.


If you are just starting out in your life as an entrepreneur, it can be hard to think of working through the holidays. Thankfully, there are so many new technologies to help you grow your small business online. Online advertising for businesses is easy to pick up and can be lots of fun because social media gives you more leeway to add a personal touch to every post.

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