5 Facebook Marketing Tactics to Avoid Getting Banned

However, using Facebook means that you need to abide by the platform’s rules. A simple lapse in judgment here could potentially get your business page temporarily suspended or outright banned.

To help you minimize the chances of these problems, we have outlined a few simple guidelines for you to follow when using Facebook. More specifically, we will talk about the things you should not do on the platform.

1.  Don’t flood people’s feeds

We can understand the temptation to post plenty of content and advertisements on your page. However, this type of behavior is never a good idea. For one thing, it is plain obnoxious. People will likely lose interest in your brand, perceive your business as being unprofessional, and in the worst-case scenario, report you to the platform. This could get your account suspended for a significant period of time.

2.  Don’t post inappropriate or offensive content

Facebook prides itself on providing a wholesome online environment where people can enjoy a positive experience. This means that any posts you publish should not go against that spirit. Make sure to double-check everything you post so that it is free of hateful messages, derogatory language, adult content, and other similar material that could put you in a negative light.

3.  Don’t post unverified information

Fake news and misinformation have been on Facebook’s cross-hairs for a while now. This is largely due to the widespread dissemination of this type of content that has heavily affected the real world today. This is why you need to make sure you only post content that is factual and up to date. Failure to do so is highly irresponsible and will make you an easy target.

4.  Don’t plagiarize other people’s work

Copying the intellectual property of others and claiming it as your business’ is a huge no-no. This is highly frowned upon by the community and could result in your page quickly getting reported. The same rule applies to posts you publish that fail to credit the right people. So, be sure to verify the source of any content you reuse or make it a point to always create your own.

5.  Don’t forget about the real world

Marketing your brand on Facebook is one thing but following through with your promises is another. This means you must ensure that your business is also acting in good faith whenever you deal and communicate with your customers. Problems in the real world, such as failing to meet your end of the bargain, can outrage your clients. If this occurs frequently enough, these people will probably report your business page to ensure that it gets taken down.


Make sure you avoid all these missteps so that you can continue to maintain your online presence on Facebook. Take it from us: “Facebook jail” is not a place you want your business to be in, as it can be a real detriment to your success.

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