5 Tips for a Successful Email Marketing Campaign in 2020

Email marketing is undoubtedly not the only means to reach your customers. In recent times, many marketers are going as far as doing away with the strategy altogether, arguing that the platform has become ineffective because of spammy techniques and even scams that regularly pop up on user’s inboxes.

However, when used correctly, email marketing has been shown to still generate more return on investment (ROI) than even social media. So how do you conduct an effective email marketing strategy in 2020?

In this article, we will share five tips that will guarantee a successful email marketing campaign:

Use better information

The most basic way to study your customers is to categorize them by gender, age, or income, and work your message based on those divisions. While this information is still useful, you should look into segmenting your customers into much more useful stats, such as past purchases, search history, and total purchase value, among others. This will give you more insight into what your customers are likely to engage with rather than basic demographics.

You should also consider tailoring your content based on the various devices and email clients that your audience will be reading your email on.

Utilize dynamic content

To use dynamic email content means that you adapt your email contents depending on the information associated with the user opening it. This is directly linked with the first tip, since the more detailed your segmentation, the better your dynamic content is at engaging your audience. With a dynamic content block, your email will show different images, CTAs, or product offers depending based on their accumulated behavior and personas.

Test your email marketing campaign

Your data can be further used to ensure success by conducting A/B testing by taking note of which aspects of your email marketing campaign look to be working. For example, you can A/B email subject lines with specific segments of your audience. The more you test, the more data you gather. This will eventually lead to better decisions regarding how to best implement your campaign.

Do not spam your audience

Nobody likes having to wade through a hundred promotional emails every day. If you see that your emails are regularly not being opened, do not compensate that statistic by sending even more. Go back to the drawing board and try to see what you can tweak to make your emails more engaging. Is it the subject line? Is the CTA not clear? Or is the content simply not relevant to that specific segment? If you can find any shortcomings, try to change things around quickly.

Remember, the younger working adults that grew up with the Internet are no stranger to clickbait headlines and will not respond favorably to your emails. They’ll gladly hit “unsubscribe” as soon as your messages clog their inboxes.

Incorporate your social media channels

Adding your social media details to your email will not only drive engagement, but it is also a way of building trust. Young users, particularly those born from 1997 to 2012 (Generation Z), are more likely to trust peer reviews than an organization presenting its credentials. Including social media in your email means you are inviting scrutiny, meaning that you have nothing to hide.


Mediums and platforms are rarely ineffective, but it’s the type of messaging and strategy used with them that grows old. With the right tweaks based on useful information, email marketing is still a solid strategy that will guarantee positive results when used alongside your other digital media marketing techniques.

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