6 Timeless Email Marketing Tips You Need to Learn Today

One of the most overlooked aspects of small business marketing is email marketing. Emails are used to access everything online, so nearly everybody has at least one account to their name. This makes it the most cost-effective and farthest-reaching platform for business advertising.

Other digital marketing platforms will come and go, but we will always have email marketing to run back to. This article will take a look at six timeless email marketing tips guaranteed to help you reach your business goals.

Create automated email campaigns. Automated messages save so much time and effort on your end. An automated welcome email can generate higher open and click-through rates than any other kind of email—thus producing more revenue for you.

Here are different reasons for which you can utilize an automated email:

  • Cart abandonments;
  • “Thank you for your purchase!” messages; and
  • Download or sign-up emails.

As easy it is to let your computer do the work with automated emails, do note that you should monitor message performance. Do not set and forget! Sometimes automated emails that aren’t monitored can backfire—so watch and test your automated emails to improve performance.

Segment your mailing list. Every customer wants to feel a bit more special than the others. Breaking up your list into more targeted groups based on specific criteria is a great way to utilize that.

Customers will get more relevant offers related to their interests, location, and even their purchase history, making your emails will feel more personalized and less robotic. This makes for better marketing and higher revenue in the long run.

Personalize your messages. Customers enjoy reading email campaigns that sound like an actual person typed and sent it.

Add a bit of personality to your emails: if Emma from Springfield recently bought a body wash and a Martha Stewart scented candle, you can use this information to tailor the next email that will be sent to her. Generic emails end up unopened, so make sure to personalize from the subject line to the actual offer.

Be engaging! The average time a person spends looking through content on the Internet is at most five seconds before clicking away, and emails are no exception.

Engaging content keeps a customer’s attention long enough for them to think about your offer. A good way to engage and keep attention is by including a call to action (CTA) in your email, asking them to “download this app,” “check out our new collection,” “watch this video,” among other things. Be creative!

(Note: Not all emails have to have a CTA, so be mindful of the kind of email you’re making before adding one.)

Use “Confirmed” Opt-ins. This is an email that is sent to users and customers after they sign up to confirm their email address. It’s a good way to verify if they want to keep receiving emails from you and improve delivery rates!

Opt-ins are a nifty way to see which customers are responsive and an easy way to monitor how your emails are performing.

Get to know your Email Marketing Stats. Look at the data and monitor how your email campaigns are performing to understand what works and what should be improved. The most important stats to look out for are:

  • Open Rate, or how many people open your messages.
  • Click Rate, or how many clicks on to your call to action (links, buttons, or images).
  • Delivery Rate, or the number of emails delivered as opposed to how many you’ve sent.
  • Opt-Out Rate, or how many people unsubscribe to the mailing list.


Email marketing doesn’t have to be complicated. With this guide of best practices, you’ll soon notice that the way your customers interact with your emails will change positively. Remember: you’re not a robot, so your emails don’t have to sound like one! Have fun with your campaigns, and pretty soon, your customers will be, too.

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