Ads Vision 2020: Digital Advertising Tips for Marketers

Digital advertising continues to progress in 2020, with many big and small companies still adhering to PPC campaign trends and other forms of online marketing. However, this year has also been an opportunity to reinvent the space, with many bold business marketers looking to either revisit old favorites or upgrade traditional advertising.

This article looks into what 2020 brings to the table for marketers and how they can apply this to their own professional practice. We will look into valuable tips that have become lucrative ways to generate sales and leads across different industries.

It may seem counterintuitive to talk about traditional marketing with digital advertising still taking the lead across different markets and industries, but the truth is that this space is an underrated and lucrative opportunity for reinvention. So-called traditional marketing, like TV ads, radio reels, and even snail mail advertising, is still being practiced today. This is mainly because of the specific demographic and preferences of the market.

Nostalgia marketing and advertising is a movement that has made its return in 2020. In particular, families and young professionals enjoy it since it’s attuned to their interests. It’s mainly about a recreation of the good old days, wherein they would sit around the television and enjoy classic family entertainment.

You, as a marketer, should look into this possibility for your client’s business, especially if trendy digital marketing techniques are not generating as many leads as you thought. You can also welcome the possibility of merging traditional and new advertising trends together if reinvention in itself is a lucrative business opportunity.

2. Make your ads entertaining and concise

Smartphone technology and the Internet continue to dominate much of modern life. Digital advertising thrives in this space mostly through time-tested methods, like PPC campaigns and email marketing. However, most marketers have observed that ads need to be kept short and sweet or straightforward yet engaging.

Advertising in 2020 is mostly highly impactful written or visual content that is relatively short and easy to consume. This targets the so-called technology generation or Gen Z. They are digitally literate and comprise the majority of users on the Internet, and they often have a short attention span for the things they see and interact with online.

Marketers have mastered this space by adjusting their written content and video production for this trend. They make sure that the content produced is also viral, which will allow as many users to receive and send out the ads across different markets. Companies who subscribe to this strategy often garner the most engagement due to their competitive approach to branding and advertising.

3. The importance of budgeting and projections

Digital marketing has given the opportunity for even small businesses with limited resources to promote their products and services online. This is due to the specificity and highly customizable advertising of digital marketing. For example, SEO practices and target analytics ensure that there will be new customers by the end of the ad’s run, which was tougher to pinpoint during the traditional era of marketing.

Digital marketers prefer proper budgeting and coming up with reasonable projections for their advertising plans. This shift influences businesses to be target-oriented with their ads. To put it simply, they want to see how much they need to pay for each click. Moving forward, this trend will continue to progress even past 2020, with technology and analytics getting smarter each day.


2020 has been a great and challenging year so far for digital marketers, but there are still many opportunities to innovate before the year ends. The previously mentioned tips are still being practiced today, but some up-and-coming marketers deviate from the majority and still generate impressive leads. Be on the lookout for new marketing opportunities today!

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