Boosting Google Ads Leads Without Increasing Your Budget

Every business needs to be ahead of the lead-generating game, especially when you’ve made a significant dent in your advertising budget. If you aren’t seeing the results you want, it can be tempting to simply spend more. However, have you ever considered the fact that you might not be implementing your lead strategies effectively? Here are a handful of tried and true online advertising business tips that can help boost your leads on Google Ads without further draining your budget.

Tip 1 – Expand location targeting and open up your schedule

As their label would suggest, targeted marketing is directed towards a specific set of consumers. However, it’s possible that your Google Ads may be too specific, especially if you’re only reaching out to potential buyers within a 5-mile radius of your business. Expanding your locations can pick up more traffic, whereas adjusting your schedule to a time that more users are online can increase the likelihood of conversions.

Tip 2 – Don’t forget phone calls

Cold calling in today’s digital landscape can be a pain—so why not get consumers to do the calling themselves? If you’ve pinpointed calls as your primary lead, cut out the middle step of redirecting consumers to your website and instead publish call-only ads. Especially when targeting users on mobile, adding a call extension to your search campaigns can help your ads rank better. Keep in mind that call-only clicks can get expensive—but they pay off over time.

Tip 3 – Show up in 2nd and 3rd position

When your ads show up in 1st position online, there’s no doubt you’ve achieved your ranking goals. However, showing up on positions 2 and 3 can actually help advertisers lower their bids and still get more clicks according to their budget. Be mindful of dropping your bids too low or your lead volume will drop as well.

Tip 4 – Throw in a few negative keywords

Some advertisers will throw in a few negative keywords to their searches in order to show up on as many pages as possible. However, your business is better off not showing up on a junk search at all. Instead of iterating every possible version of a negative keyword you don’t want to be associated with your brand, write the core word up as a “negative keyword” on your Google Ads campaign. Similarly, get rid of useless keywords that aren’t producing conversions at all.

Tip 5 – Focus on your high-performing ads

Instead of keeping poor-performing ads online “just in case”, focus your clicks on the ads that are performing best. If certain ads aren’t achieving the number of conversions you want, put them on hold and revise them while funneling your budget towards ads that are converting.


For any business, generating quality leads is the best way to achieve conversions. Though you may be spending an arm and a leg on your advertising efforts, they’ll be all for naught if you aren’t implementing your strategies properly.

For more on how to improve your digital advertising efforts, visit The Advertiser’s Guide for more digital advertising tips! If you’re at a loss for where to begin, you can always start with us.

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