How to Advertise Your Shopify Store on Facebook in 2020

Facebook advertising is an efficient way of marketing a small or medium enterprise. If you have a Shopify e-commerce store, a Facebook Ads campaign can drive plenty of traffic to your site. However, setting up an ads campaign is not enough—it’s becoming more competitive on the platform, and you need to know what it takes to keep yourself front and center. Here are a few digital advertising strategies to help you start.

Get your ad placements right

Different ad placements have different results. Some are great for identifying populations to retarget, while others are better for campaigns focused on conversions. The mobile and Stories feeds enable better brand discovery and awareness, while the desktop newsfeed supports engagement and conversions.

Note as well that Instagram ads are slightly more expensive than the ones on Facebook. However, its highly engaged audience makes up for the price difference, and you could see better returns on your investments on this platform.

Speak naturally to your target audience

People don’t like it when you advertise to them. The businesses that succeed with social media advertising are those that appear organic. People are aware of the sales techniques brands use today, so it’s essential to keep the tone conversational and authentic. Using action verbs like ‘try,’ ‘learn,’ and ‘get’ is favorable over exaggerations. ‘Best,’ and ‘top,’ for example, will not work as well as it did in the past.

Appeal to people’s fear of missing out

No one wants to waste a good opportunity. Businesses can use this innate sense of urgency to amplify the scarcity of deals like theirs. If you’re advertising online, use phrases like ‘last chance,’ ‘limited time only,’ or ‘offer ends at midnight.’ These give people a timeframe within which they should act. When you pair these phrases with an incredible value—a limited sale or special edition items, for example—people will naturally want to act.

Make your promotional materials stand out

Your digital advertising should make it clear why people should bother buying your product, signing up for your service, or claiming your offer. To do this, you could start with a magnetic headline. Most people read just the headline before sharing something on Facebook, and a clear, precise, persuasive headline always influences the click-through rate and cost-per-click of ads campaigns.

Using emojis and brackets will also help you stand out. However, use these sparingly; not all audiences appreciate them, so only include these if you’re sure your target market likes them. If you want to emphasize your brand through images, you can do that through high-quality images that showcase your brand while harnessing color psychology.

For instance, if your brand has a young market, use red, orange, and yellow in your ads. With an older audience, though, green, blue, and purple work better. Also, make sure your ads and branded items have the same color as your Shopify e-commerce store. When Facebook viewers move from the platform to your site, they should not feel any disconnect. If you have a consistent color scheme, you’ll ensure that people transition smoothly from the social media website to your shop.


When advertising on new platforms like Facebook, you have to know what generates the most traffic for your e-commerce store. You must shore up time-honored practices like appealing to your audience’s emotions with digital know-how. Consulting experts in new media will help you lay the foundations for your brand’s strong online presence.

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