How to Create High-Converting Search Ads With Google Adwords

Running pay-per-click (PPC) ads using Google Adwords is rewarding but not as straightforward as marketers might assume. Because ads require constant optimization before and after a campaign, taking the time to update content can help scale your business in the long run. To increase your website traffic and conversions, consider the following search ad tips to avoid costly runs.

Tip #1 – Carefully Craft Keywords

As with any SEO campaign, Google Adwords are fundamentally reliant on keywords. To direct the success of your campaigns, avoid using keywords that are too general. Instead, research targeted keywords that your customers are already searching for. Formulate your keyword strategy according to customer interactions and what you know will get you ranking. There are dozens of resources for digital advertising strategies that you can leverage online.

Tip #2 – Consider Different Matching Options

When integrating a user’s search query into your keyword strategy, various match types can determine how well your page ends up performing.

  • Broad Matches. This refers to searches that contain similar phrases such as synonyms, singular or plural forms, misspellings, and related searches. If you haven’t specified another match, you’ll likely default on broad matches, which can prove costly if your ads are served to irrelevant users.
  • Modified Broad Matches. Similar to broad matches, these keywords won’t include synonyms, which allows you to avoid generic users and gives you greater control over your ad impressions.
  • Phrase Matches. These ads will correspond to searches that contain exact phrases as keywords or a close variation of them. These are ideal for targeting potential clients that are relevant to your industry.
  • Exact Matches. Ads will only be displayed according to exact phrases, which tends to minimize your ad impressions and puts you at risk of missing out on valuable clients.

Tip #3 – Identify Negative Keywords

If your keywords are similar to a handful of harmful or unrelated keywords, be sure to note them on your Adwords campaign to avoid displaying your ads in spaces that won’t help you convert.

Tip #4 – Use Brand Keywords

By incorporating your brand name or brand-related keywords into your ads, you can reap dozens of benefits such as:

  • Plastering your brand all over Google’s search engine results page.
  • Combatting competitors who may already be capturing your brand keywords. You can fire back by doing the same!
  • Owning whatever goes into your ads, such as landing pages or other organic links.
  • Leveraging the rapport you already have with users who’ve been clicking through to your ads.

Tip #5 – Optimize Your Ad Copy

Besides your ad image, your ad copy is what gets users converting. To stand out, ensure that your copy is benefits-centric. Nowadays, consumers are responding less to ads that are too “sales-y” and prefer to explore ads that promise to remedy a problem they’ve been experiencing. Include a clear CTA and ad extension such as “Call Us!” or “Download the App!” to direct your audience to the next logical step.


Making the most of Google Adwords is more than just filling your ads up with an abundance of highly-searched keywords. To ensure that your ads are paying off, craft landing pages that are coherent and CTAs that are clear.

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