How to Optimize Your Facebook Ads in 5 Effective Ways

What are Facebook Ads?

Facebook ads appear on your newsfeed when browsing the site on mobile devices. When you browse on a desktop, you’ll be able to see them in the right column. Each ad varies in formats—video, image, slideshow, carousel, canvas, and more.

How do you ensure your Facebook ads reach your target audience as effectively as possible? You optimize them, of course!

Why optimize a Facebook Ad?

Optimization is an essential part of ensuring your ad performs well. It is an effective way of achieving amazing returns when done regularly. If you want to reach a higher ROI without spending too much on advertising, you have to learn how to optimize your Facebook ads. Even without any advertising experience, there are some basic things you can do to optimize your ads. Here are five of our tips:

1. Make your ad mobile friendly

Ads created using the Facebook desktop specifics don’t always translate well to mobile devices.  Fortunately, ads made specifically for mobile devices look fine when viewed on a desktop.

For best results, create your ads with Facebook’s mobile requirements in mind. Opt for vertical videos instead of traditional horizontal ones. Doing so will make your ad stand out, so more users will view and click them.

2. Set a bid cap

If you are working on a budget, consider setting a bid cap. This Facebook feature will help limit your options to the lowest price possible for your ad placement. You can start exploring these options and adjust based on the results you get. Setting a bid cap will allow you to reach your audience while staying within your budget.

3. Play with your frequency and relevancy score

The ideal and effective setup for any ads on Facebook is low frequency and high relevance. Low frequency means your ad will appear at a limited time to one user. The maximum number of times a user sees your Facebook ad should be limited to three. An ad shown for more than three times to a user without conversion is a waste of money. To generate more interest, cast a wider net so that more people see your ad.

In terms of relevance, you should aim to get as much engagement as you can. Facebook rates ads based on performance. The more positive engagement your ad gets, such as likes, views, and shares, the more it will appear on viewers’ newsfeeds. The more negative feedback it gets, though, the lower your ad score goes on Facebook’s algorithm.

4. Expand your high-value customers

One way to widen and activate your audience is to work on your high-value customers. Your high-value customers are your loyal, highly engaged customers, and big spenders.

Before you direct your ads to anyone and everyone, spend some time defining your ideal customer. Create ads specifically for that group. Customized ads will get more engagement which will, in turn, widen your reach. This strategy is a wonderful way to convert a previously cold audience into high-value customers.

5. Use videos for visual appeal

There is a time to use photos and text, but videos are especially effective in getting a user’s attention. Once users are hooked on a short clip, they keep watching it. On Facebook, you can create an ad that targets people who will watch a specific video for at least 20 seconds. Use video as part of your business’s Facebook ads funnel.


If set up correctly, your Facebook ads can bring high profits and positive results to your business. Knowing how the ads work, how to reach the right audience, and how to maximize both can help you achieve your goals. Frequent monitoring and constantly adjusting your targeting and scope are steps you should also remember.

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