No-Fail Email Marketing Tips in 2020

Though still the best method of increasing your ROI, email marketing isn’t as easy as it looks. Staying connected with your customers is all about how you approach them and how well you adjust to their behaviors. At a loss for where to begin? Here’s what you might be missing out on.

Put a Face to the Name

Email marketing isn’t as simple as crafting the same message for every customer and swapping out their names. Indulge them in something personalized, whether it be a note about how you’re reaching out to someone because of their profession or want to provide them with a solution to a common problem. Segment your email list according to audience demographics and psychographics.

Arrange Your Sales Funnel According to the Customer Journey

When it comes to running an online advertising business, the journey holds just as much weight as the destination. The more you touch on a consumer’s pain points along the way, the more they will learn to trust your brand. Customize your sales funnel according to what your audience is interested in and what they need most.

Optimize and Retest Content

A/B testing is an excellent method of optimizing your content to what works best and can be easily performed on your mailing list provider. Take a look at metrics such as open rates, click-through rates (CTR), and bounce rates in order to determine how to adjust your future campaigns.

Give Your Customers Space They Need

If your customers have signed onto your email campaign, chances are they do what to hear from you—but not all the time. If you’ve recently run a successful campaign, don’t be tempted to run it again immediately. Give it a few weeks or even a month. This will also allow you to make the proper edits and adjustments.

Similarly, you’ll have to account for the fact that your customers might have also signed onto other mailing lists, so you don’t want to be part of a heap of promotional emails they’d rather unsubscribe from.

Don’t Rely Too Much on Automation

Email automation can help you eliminate tedious processes such as manually entering email addresses or swapping out names. However, you shouldn’t rely on it entirely—your work will come off as robotic and detached.

Optimize for Mobile

A lot of users are now accessing the Internet via their mobile phones, which means your emails should be optimized for reading on smartphones—or better yet, every device! Especially if you’re incorporating images or graphics, you want these to be as readable as possible, whether your subscribers are reading from their laptop or tablet.


To keep your customers wanting to stay in touch with you, it’s important that you provide them with valuable information that caters to their specific needs. To increase your subscribe rates and maintain them involves studying your audience and knowing what they best respond to.

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