Top 4 Important Updates on Facebook Ads this 2020

Facebook plays a pivotal role in digital marketing strategies. It has become one of the social networking giants with over 1.8 billion active users. This makes it the perfect channel where businesses of various scales and industries can promote their brand, engage with their target audience, and establish their online presence.

Sixty-seven percent of social advertisers believe that Facebook is an essential part of having an effective marketing strategy, which is why keeping up with its algorithm changes and trends is critical. With that in mind, the list below should freshen your knowledge and keep you up to date on factors that carry out successful Facebook Ads in 2020:

1.  There is now lead generation in Messenger

Messenger is one of the more prominent features that attracts people to use Facebook. It is currently one of the easiest ways to instantly connect with friends, family, and loved ones online. With its heavy traffic, it can be the perfect channel to promote your ads.

With that in mind, Facebook now makes it possible to create clickable ads on Messenger. This allows consumers to have conversations with your brand. Additionally, you can create pop-ups that answer FAQ’s with your CRM.

Using lead generation in Messenger has shown to increase qualified leads by up to a whopping 42%, making it a significant update to improve the user experience for your brand.

2.  Facebook welcomed a new design on News Feed and Pages

Facebook believed that 2019 deserved a lighter feel, which paved the way for the recent design changes in 2020. The visible, primary text is now shortened from seven to three lines, which should better capture your audience’s curiosity if you combine it with compelling ad copy.

As for videos, the aspect ratio of 2:3 to 4:5 is set for the maximum media height. Facebook Pages is also seeing a makeover as profile photos no longer overlap cover photos, promoting a more powerful impact. Buttons are also larger to enhance their visibility and boost the effectiveness of their call-to-actions.

3.  Facebook has more refined targeting options

Targeting your audience on Facebook was once a “spray and pray” situation that invited big, yet hit-or-miss groups. Now, Facebook allows you to hone in on the specifics of your target market, zeroing in on interests and user behavior on top of their demographics.

While this narrows your visibility to a specific audience, the relevance allows you to tap into a market that has higher chances of providing qualified leads for your conversion rate.

4.  Facebook’s Creator Studio now offers better video insight

facebook creator studio

Creator Studio helps people track engagement with the content they post on Facebook or Instagram. Seeing its impact on measuring metrics for businesses, Facebook has added new features for 2020 to help brands gain better insight on their performance.

For one, people can now see how much time consumers spend watching their videos. Providing a more transparent overview of the video’s traffic sources should help content creators optimize their videos and improve engagement.

The bottom line

The digital era is a fast-paced landscape that requires businesses to keep up with the ever-changing trends. With that in mind, the list above shows some of the best Facebook Ads changes that you should use to your advantage during 2020 to improve your bottom line.

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